Batdorf And Bronson’s Jason Dominy Goes #2Dto3D


Sometimes folks who work in coffee have a few tricks up their sleeve - outside passions that run the gamut from music to surfing, academia to journalism. For Batdorf & Bronson's Jason Dominy, one of his passions is connecting with folks he knows via social media in a real, meaningful way. It's called "Project #2Dto3D", and there's something of … [Read more...]

Atlanta: Batdorf & Friends Brew At TEDx Peachtree


Batdorf and Bronson is at TEDx: Peachtree today, happening at the fabulous Buckhead Theater! This event's theme is Transcend, and by the looks of the photographs, this concept is being embodied on the coffee side of things (although they aren't actually seving anything from Transcend - that would have been pretty cheeky). Led by Batdorf's coffee … [Read more...]

An Empty Chair: Jason Dominy Out At BGA

jason & April

After five years, Jason Dominy is resigning from his position as chair of the Executive Council the Barista Guild of America. Jason posted a lengthy explanation over at his blog, and has been up to some exciting things at Batdorf and Bronson over the last year, selling over six hundred Coffee 101 Roastery Tours via Groupon and Scoutmob. He's also … [Read more...]