ElectionWatch: Unfiltered! Howard Schultz Endorses Obama


Starbucks CEO and head-honcho Howard Schultz went live on CNBC and endorsed Barack Obama. The news comes after several months of silence from the Starbucks king-pin, and his decision was made after watching the president's "bipartisanship" post-Sandy with that big old sugar bear Chris Christie. [youtube]f7n5j9T6oqM[/youtube] … [Read more...]

ElectionWatch: Unfiltered! Return Of The Obama Blend


Did you think the Obama Blend coffee gimmick was a thing of the past, like "hope" and "change" and Sarah Palin's fake granddaughter? Well you were wrong, wronger than John McCain, because the 2012 election offers a brand new opportunity to blend together Hawaiian, Kenyan, and Indonesian coffee to form yet another Barack Obama blend. More from … [Read more...]