Inspired By Coffee In Melbourne At Mörk Chocolate Brew House

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In Melbourne, sometimes the specialty coffee industry can go to extremes: no milk, no sugar, no skinny, and frequently, no hot chocolate. This is all well and good—the cafe three doors down will surely be happy to fulfill all of those needs—but sometimes all you want is a warm, milky, sweet, chocolatey beverage done at […]

Sasa Sestic of Australia Wins The 2015 World Barista Championship


Sasa Sestic, a coffee professional, green buyer, and barista from Canberra, Australia, has won the 2015 World Barista Championship in Seattle, Washington. The event took place over four days in conjunction with the SCAA Event trade show, attended by many thousands of coffee lovers from around the globe. Mr. Sestic won the WBC on behalf […]

Platform Melbourne: A Good Wine Was Had By All

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The 2015 Melbourne International Coffee Expo is now done and dusted, along with all the usual barista competitions and trade show hijinks. And Let’s Talk Relationship Coffee is in the books, having brought dozens of producers to Melbourne for the first event of its kind in Australia. But this year, there was another exciting addition to […]

The 2015 Australia AeroPress Championship Winners & Recipes

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On the balmy autumn evening of March 28th in Sydney, the fine fellows of Mecca Coffee hosted and roasted festivities for the 2015 Australian AeroPress Championships. Amidst a sea of Mahlkönig EK 43 grinders, Mecca’s newly refurbished roastery space (henceforth dubbed the “Brew-O-Drome”) housed the lucky 100 ticketed audience members as well as the 27 competitors and […]

Hey, Let’s Talk Relationship Coffee In Melbourne

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In Australia, we’re no strangers to coffee: we roast it, we brew it, we serve it, and we consume it (we even grow it in some parts, but that’s another story altogether). In this, we’re a largely coffee-consuming nation, spending hours perfecting the ideal roast profile and building elaborately fit-out cafes for people to drink […]

10 Australian Cafes With Bodacious Design

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Australia is home to some of the most striking, iconic cafe design in the world, as we’ve profiled over the years on Sprudge. But whose design is the most intrepid, adventuresome, dauntless and downright bodacious? Take a look at ten of our very favorites. The Kettle Black In Melbourne From The Kettle Black In Melbourne: Where […]

Matt Perger Digs Deep With Barista Hustle, A New Website For Coffee Pros

Neil deGrasse Tyson (via Scientia Salon) and Matt Perger (via Sprudge)

Matt Perger may be coffee’s Neil DeGrasse Tyson. On top of being one of the most accomplished baristas in the world—winning the World Brewers Cup in 2012, the World Coffee In Good Spirits Championship in 2014, as well as turning in 3rd and 2nd place finishes in the 2011 and 2013 World Barista Championships, respectively—he has […]