A Conversation With Cosimo Libardo, On His Departure From Nuova Simonelli


Sprudge.com can now report that Cosimo Libardo, president of the Specialty Coffee Association of Europe and longtime Director of Sales & Marketing at Nuova Simonelli, has accepted a new position as Managing Director for Toby's Estate Coffee, a multinational coffee roaster, importer and farming operation based in Sydney, Australia. Mr. Libardo's … [Read more...]

Melbourne: This Outdoor Pavilion Serves Better Coffee Than Your Outdoor Pavilion

Everyday Coffee M Pavillion Melbourne-IMG_0244

Today, to further add to Melbourne’s recent cross-cultural coffee news archive, I introduce to you Everyday Coffee at MPavilion! A project initiated by the Naomi Milgrom Foundation with support from the city of Melbourne and the Victorian State Government, MPavilion is a temporary architectural commission in Queen Victoria Gardens in the … [Read more...]

A Cafe In Memories, And In The Heart: Paladar In Brisbane

Paladar Fumior Salon-_MG_1900

When I was growing up in Brisbane, the quality coffee scene was a relative wasteland, so anywhere that served something other than large brands like Lavazza, Vittoria, or Illy was the closest thing to 'quality' I could find. As a result, when I stumbled across a neat little spot called Paladar Fumior Salon in the inner-city suburb of South Brisbane … [Read more...]

Developing: Coffee Meets Film At Hillvale Photo in Melbourne

Hillvale Melbourne-000093

I have a confession to make… on the surface, I’m something of a stereotype: I work in coffee, I am mildly tattooed, and I like to shoot on film. To clarify, my interest in film isn’t because I want to recreate the grainy-looking filters from Instagram, but rather due to the majority of my photography degree being spent in darkrooms, studios, or on … [Read more...]

In Brisbane, Wine And Coffee Come Together (Naturally)


Hybrid coffee & retail stores are enjoying a moment in 2014, be they espresso bar openings tied to bicycle workshops, elegant cafes in shared business lobbies, art galleries that double as coffee shops, eclectic book stores with serious coffee programs, and many, many more. But out in Brisbane--Australia's third largest city and home to a … [Read more...]

The Merits Of Modernity At Addison & Steele In Perth

Addison Steele Perth-HMA_7820

One of the most exciting entrants into Perth’s blossoming coffee scene is Addison & Steele Specialty Coffee. The name honors two 18th century Oxford scholars who brought together like-minded intellectuals in London’s first coffee shops to debate the revolutionary ideas of the Enlightenment. This influential movement argued that science and … [Read more...]

Is The Puppuccino The Newest Coffee Craze? These Dogs Say Yes.


While we celebrate National Dog Week in America, the real action is going down in Australia. Do you know why this puppy is lickin' its chops, with a satiated and contented expression on its little poochy face? Know why its little paw paws are muffin topping out of its once loose-fitting tee? Probably because it just snarfed up a big … [Read more...]

Quiz: American Fall TV Pilot Or Australian Cafe?

Outside of Bunker in Brisbane with Rachel and Ross from the pilot of Friends.

Pop quiz, hot shot. Is "Bunker" an action-filled suspense drama about a rogue group of counter-terrorists or is it an adorable coffee bar in Brisbane? (It's a bar in Brisbane.) Is "Feed Me" a single-camera NBC comedy about a dysfunctional family or a walk-up cafe and toast bar in Melbourne's CBD? (It's a comedy.) We double-dog dare you to … [Read more...]

Six Cafes To See In Brisbane


Australia is an enormous nation of immigrants with styles and mores that vary city by city. Over the last 18 months we've significantly increased our coverage of Australian coffee here on Sprudge, but in doing so have perhaps been guilty in focusing the majority of our coverage on Melbourne. For shame. But look! Here's a guide to some of the … [Read more...]

Seattle: Try Australian Coffees With La Marzocco & Sprudge…For Free!


Seattle! Oh fair city, with considerable aesthetic advantage over all those other population centers, we know that you know a thing or two about coffee. But what you don't get often--indeed, what nobody in North America gets--is a chance to cup coffees and revel in brand packaging from a plethora of Australian specialty roasters. This is … [Read more...]

Fit Outs Of Winter: Rumble Coffee Roasters In Melbourne

Fit Out Of Winter Rumble 04

Whoa! Today is the last day of our Build Outs of Summer series for 2014. It's been quite a globe-trot up to this point, offering cafes from all over the world (but especially Florida!) the opportunity to be featured on Sprudge in their early days, just before opening. But while the title suggests otherwise, Build Outs of Summer is not in any way … [Read more...]

The Kettle Black In Melbourne: Where Fine Dining Meets Casual Brunching


We know we've said this before, but Melbourne really is a city where great coffee and great food often go hand-in-hand, with stalwarts like Auction Rooms and Proud Mary leading the charge for a number of years now. The high-end cafe scene in Melbourne is a vibrant thing, and recently a new group of trailblazers has been making a name for themselves … [Read more...]

“Birds Of Unusual Vitality Vol. 2″ Now Available In Select Cafes, Online


Eileen P. Kenny is the talented photographer and writer behind the coffee web's premiere interview magazine, Birds of Unusual Vitality. She is also Sprudge.com Melbourne desk, and we recently partnered with her to publish Birds of Unusual Vitality Vol. 2, a compilation of engaging interviews with coffee folk from around the globe. This book is now … [Read more...]

Melbourne’s Code Black Coffee Expands To Montreal (Kind Of)

Cafe Code Black Montreal Quebec Sprudge

Code Black Coffee Roasters, the most recent project of Australian coffee maven Joseph Haddad, has established itself in a little more than a year as a strong contender in coffee-crowded Melbourne. Although Haddad hasn’t yet expanded Code Black into a chain of cafés--as he did with Cafenatics, a venture that now has twelve outposts--one of his … [Read more...]

Fit Outs Of Winter: Slater St. Bench, Now Open In Melbourne


While folks in North America are deep in the throes of sweaty summer build outs, those on the southern hemisphere are layering up, and the team at Slater St. Bench is celebrating the success of their winter fit-out. The cafe opened its doors earlier this week on St. Kilda Road, in the eponymous beachside district of Melbourne. Jared Lawler of … [Read more...]

Gertrude Stein’s, The Coffee Supreme Pop-Up In Melbourne


We've just received word on a brand-new Coffee Supreme pop-up: Gertrude Stein's will open Tuesday, June 17th, for a limited four-month engagement in Melbourne's Fitzroy neighborhood. "The site will be exclusive to us," Supreme leader Al Keating tells us, "with a small selection of treats from baker friends, Loafer Bread." When asked … [Read more...]