The Quiet Mastery Behind Market Lane’s Tasmanian Ice Porcelain Coffee Cups


When you sit down to your morning cup of coffee, desperately anticipating all the caffeinated goodness that’s about to be infused into your system, do you ever think about the cup that holds all that delicious coffee? Do you have a favourite mug, and if so, why? Do you notice the texture in your hand, the weight of it, what the cup feels like when … [Read more...]

A Reflection On The Cafe Tragedy In Sydney

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Over the past few days, a terrible scene unfolded in Sydney, Australia. A gunman walked into a café, took the baristas and customers hostage, and began a standoff that lasted for sixteen hours. Two people were killed: Katrina Dawson, a customer who apparently died protecting her friend, and Tori Johnson, the café’s manager, who, according to … [Read more...]

The Great St. Ali Christmas Pudding Super Contest


As we begin rolling out our many holiday gift guides—each more authoritative and indispensable than the last—it means we spend time exploring through the various and sundry retail portfolios of the world's leading coffee companies, looking for holiday blends, choice gear bundles, and anything unusual that might catch our eye. All was well, and not … [Read more...]

Avocado Toast Defined: A Guide To The Australian Cafe Favorite

Australian Ultimate Avocado Toast-Paramount avo toast 4

Toast is just toast right? I for one have always scoffed at toast recipes; if you need help making toast then there just may not be any hope for you in the kitchen or elsewhere. Yet since toast is trendy, there’s no shortage of recipe roundups and guides if you really are toast deficient—and to be honest there’s one necessary type of toast recipe … [Read more...]

Proud Mary’s New Roastery Gets Rollin’ In Melbourne

Proud Mary Roastery Melbourne-IMG_0354

Melbourne’s coffee scene has undergone a slew of changes in the last decade—an increase in boutique roasters, quality cafes, a celebration of filter brewing methods and a move away from the traditional European-driven industry that once was. At the beginning of this progression were a number of key players, like Mark Dundon who founded St. Ali and … [Read more...]

Brekkie, Cacao, And Microgreens, Together at East Elevation Melbourne

East Elevation Melbourne-_MG_7762

Walk into East Elevation in Melbourne’s suburb of Brunswick, and you’ll see the usual signs of a hip cafe: exposed brick, glass bottles instead of carafes for serving water, daily offerings scrawled onto a blackboard. But while the cafe formula may be easy to replicate, it’s often hard to perfect, with many places feeling more like cookie-cutter … [Read more...]

Perth’s Whipper Snapper Pairs Whiskey & Coffee

Whipper Snapper Perth-WSD

Over the last several years in Australia the craft spirit movement has been gaining momentum, as locals take on centuries-old traditions to produce new and exciting spirits. In this vein, two passionate whiskey drinkers, Alasdair Malloch and James McKeown, have opened the first dedicated whiskey distillery in the Western Australian city of Perth, … [Read more...]

Four Neighborhood Cafes To See In Adelaide

Mother's Milk Adelaide Sprudge

Over the decades, cafes have played a significant role in the development of society and culture. Where would the Enlightenment have been without its famed coffee houses? Cafes have, for so long, been gathering places, with the space a vehicle for bringing people together, and coffee the fuel for our social interactions. The value of a cafe goes … [Read more...]

Can You Feel Ok About Drinking an Aussie Iced Coffee? I Asked a Barista

Australian Iced Coffee Sprudge

“When I went to the U.S., I flew into LA. The first cafe I went to, I ordered an iced coffee. When I got it, I thought, what is this crap?” I was chatting with an Australian about his American iced coffee experience. I found that his story, and sentiment, was a common one. As it goes with many food and drink items, just because something has the … [Read more...]

NORA Melbourne: Not Your Quotidian Coffee & Brekkie

Nora Melbourne-IMG_0395

These days in Melbourne's endlessly creative coffee scene, it seems as if there’s a new venue opening every week. Melbournians are spoiled for choice, and it sometimes becomes difficult to keep up--or even distinguish between--each new venture. How does one possibly capture the city's attention in a market so firmly saturated? For NORA, a new cafe … [Read more...]

Coffee Supreme Breaks Brisbane Crust With Cup Coffee Acquisition


Melbourne and New Zealand-based Coffee Supreme have recently acquired Brisbane-based Cup Coffee. In a move that is reminiscent of Blue Bottle’s acquisition of Handsome Coffee Roasters, Cup Coffee is in the process of changing branding and developing into Coffee Supreme’s newest cafe, and their first in Australia outside of Melbourne. Over the … [Read more...]

Geishas! Cascara! Slurping! At A Coffee Cupping In Melbourne

5 Senses Panama Cupping-IMG_0289

I’ve got to admit—I don’t find a huge amount of time in my day-to-day to attend cuppings. Working full-time in a busy café and writing and taking photos the rest of the time, there’s not a whole bunch of space for the ol’ slurp and spit. That said, when a cupping table full of coffees fresh from Panama arises, it’s rather hard to turn down. … [Read more...]

Go Try Australian Coffees At Ceremony In Maryland This Friday!

File photo: Cupping party.

Australian coffee is a bit like wine from Australia: they're doing some of the best in the world, and keeping most of it for themselves! But that's ever-so-slightly starting to change here in the United States, where cuppings like our recent event with La Marzocco are introducing American coffee lovers to coffees from some of Australia's best … [Read more...]

How My First Australian Coffee Ended Up Being in Alice Springs

Alice Springs Australia Coffee Sprudge

When people think of Australia, whether it’s the coffee culture or just the country in general, they tend to think of Melbourne or Sydney. In all honesty, I was one of those people that knew very little about the world “down under.” There are kangaroos and koalas and people say “mate” a lot, right? I was in fact heading to Australia for my first … [Read more...]

A Conversation With Cosimo Libardo, On His Departure From Nuova Simonelli

cosimo-cover can now report that Cosimo Libardo, president of the Specialty Coffee Association of Europe and longtime Director of Sales & Marketing at Nuova Simonelli, has accepted a new position as Managing Director for Toby's Estate Coffee, a multinational coffee roaster, importer and farming operation based in Sydney, Australia. Mr. Libardo's … [Read more...]

Melbourne: This Outdoor Pavilion Serves Better Coffee Than Your Outdoor Pavilion

Everyday Coffee M Pavillion Melbourne-IMG_0244

Today, to further add to Melbourne’s recent cross-cultural coffee news archive, I introduce to you Everyday Coffee at MPavilion! A project initiated by the Naomi Milgrom Foundation with support from the city of Melbourne and the Victorian State Government, MPavilion is a temporary architectural commission in Queen Victoria Gardens in the … [Read more...]