Tacoma Stars: Fun & Finalists At The 2011 NWR...

Tacoma Stars: Fun & Finalists At The 2011 NWRBC

City of Destiny

“This is such a great regional” is something I keep hearing over and over again…in general, most of the long-time competitors, judges and industry wonks I spoke with feel that this year’s field of competitors is the strongest in NWRBC history. Day 1 of the event felt pretty subdued, save for the action on stage, while day 2 is is noticeably more crowded, the audience responses boisterous.

The Tacoma Convention Center has great free wi-fi, it seems like everyone is going back and forth between Seattle and Tacoma at least once this weekend, Sarah Dooley’s routine ended with raucous gospel, Laila Ghambari got it done to the Wu-Tang Clan, Katherine Hartline’s signature beverage (Indonesian keffir lime to accompany Toarco Gayo) sounded amazing, and I really, really wish I could have tried Ryan Wilbur’s cappuccino.

Overheard at NWRBC:

“Skyping the farmer is the new origin trip.”

“It’s kinda like trick-or-treating for adults here.”

Nick Cho: “What made you want to come out and compete this year?”

Pierce Young: “Masochism.”

In no particular order…

1. Ryan Wilbur (Stumptown)

2. Sarah Dooley (Espresso Parts)

3. Sam Purvis (Coava)

4. Laila Ghambari (Stumptown)

5. Tyler Stevens (Barista)

6. Robbie Britt (Zoka Espresso Parts)

  1. Serena Clark

    31 January


  2. Jon

    29 January

    Hey guys, Sam was representing coava, FYI.

  3. trish

    29 January

    (Robbie Britt is with Espresso Parts!)

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