SprudgeyLeaks: LM Announcing New GS3 At Out of the Box?

We just obtained exclusive leaked photographs from the La Marzocco factory in Seattle, Washington, where photography and video is strictly prohibited. The photo shows an as-of-yet to be announced modded out GS3. What could it be? Our emails to LM have gone unanswered.

From the blurry cameraphone pic we  notice:

  • Shallow modded drip tray
  • Two (pressure?) gauges on the left side
  • The letter “B” on the front logo plate

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Leaked Pic

Not be confused with the “Shotmaker”:

The Shotmaker


  1. chris g says

    looks to me like they are working up a La Marzocco kegerator. dual co2 regulators, and sitting atop a lowboy cooler? also note the amber colored liquid hiding behind the unit, and residing in the drip tray. shallow drip tray for pint glass clearance?

  2. Espresso Ned says

    Looks to me like they’re cooking up something that’s going to be too expensive and inaccessible for the average espresso consumer to enjoy. I’ll stick with my La Pavoni but thanks for playing.

  3. John says

    That looks like a nitrogen bottle sticking out the side. I prefer air, for that type of system.

    You can get a lot of shots from one little tanks worth. Easy to control pressure, silent, pulseless too

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