Sprudge Fan Reviews: Stumptown Panama Carmen Estate

Bonnie Greene, Stay At Home Barista

Now why does this coffee cost so darn much? Sure, it tastes great, once you add a little bit of cream and a LOT of sugar, and make the skinny little teenage barista girl put a quick pump of vanilla in there, no extra charge. But $12.95 for a bag of coffee? I can get a can of Bustello at the Walgreens for $7.31 after tax, and it tastes the same to me! Plus they go through the trouble of grinding it up for you before you buy it! Stumptown could learn a thing or two from the big names in coffee.

A friend recommended I go to Stumptown because they’re green friendly, and I like that. I know their coffees are freely traded and that’s neat but they sure are hiking up the costs for you and me! As a consumer, I just don’t find that a “fair trade”, if you catch my drift. And I even asked the Barista, “can I just get a half bag? Can I mix and match?” And you know what she said? She said “no”, just like that! I got home back on my PC faster than you could say “Yelp Dot Com”, so that everyone will know how unreasonable the rules are at shops like Stumptown. And that’s another thing: why don’t they have a french vanilla flavored coffee? Maybe a hazelnut blend? I want a peppermint mocha!

Bonnie’s score: 2 out of 10

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