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They’re wacky, they’re tacky, they’re Sprudge.com’s exclusive guides to the greatest coffee cities in the world. The places we went to, the people we met, the coffees we guzzled, and the moments we captured just for you. Welcome to Sprudge Guides: read them all, if you dare.


The coffee city that started it all, that great burping baby of the American coffee scene, and one of the most beautiful cities in the world. For better or for worse, here’s our candid take at the past and present state of coffee in Seattle, Washington.

New Orleans

After a long and busy Houston week at the SCAA 2011, we ventured East to the greatest city in America. A city that doesn’t feel like America, that feels like a country all its own. We drank an obscene amount of Bloody Mary’s, milk punches and coffee – coffee with chicory, Stumptown Coffee that’d traveled several thousand miles to be there, and sloppy cafe au laits with beignets for dunking. It was a boozy mess of a long lost weekend, believe us, but from out of that mess came an exclusive week of content on New Orleans. Join us in the Crescent City, where your Sprudge.com editors let it all hang out like never before.


En route home from WBC 2010 in London, Sprudge.com lead writer Jordan Michelman spent a whirlwind 24 hours in Reykjavik, Iceland. He slurped, he jotted, he ate fermented shark meat, and in a land without darkness, he stayed out all night. It’s all true.

New York City

The Big Apple. Is it the greatest coffee city in the world? Sprudge asks a question with no answer, highlighting our favorite cafes in New York, including Everyman Espresso in the East Village, our favorite cafe in America, and Cafe Grumpy, one of the very best roasters on earth. Sprudge loves New York.

Portland, Oregon

An early Sprudge Guides dispatch from the Rose City, incomplete and brimming with vigor. Expect more Portland coverage in the coming months, but for now, here’s a glimpse into Portland’s amazing coffee scene in late 2010.


Long in the works, Sprudge.com is proud to present our unofficial guide to coffee in Philadelphia! One of the most buzzed and blogged about coffee cities in the world, Philadelphia has emerged in recent years as a serious destination for the discerning coffee Hajji – perhaps not the Mecca to the north that New York has become, but a Medina in its own right.

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