READING’s One Year Anniversary Fund Driv...’s One Year Anniversary Fund Drive is proud to be the World’s Most Trusted Coffee Tabloid. We publish the stories that no one else will – our recent coverage of Aguagate at the Colombia COE is just one example – while at the same time bringing you the latest on latte art throw downs in Atlanta, pissing contests on Twitter, and barista competitions in Singapore; fundraisers for members of the community in need, the newest innovations in espresso technology and ever so much more.

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“The best coffee website in the country” – Oliver Strand, The New York Times

“They put together some fun stuff, occasionally ripping on me” – Melissa Allison, The Seattle Times

“In a blogosphere of dunderheads, muffin tops and barely-literate bloviates, is not so deplorable” – Andrew Brewtbart

  1. Nik Green

    1 February

    Love the site! Can’t believe this is my first time here! Love the passion guys!

  2. Nathanael May

    25 October

    I’ll sell my plasma at CoffeeFest and give you the proceeds. Happy anniversary/birthday!

  3. James Hoffmann

    25 October

    Happy Anniversary! Long may Sprudge continue!

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