Specialty Coffee Marijuana Blog Blazes New Trail I...

Specialty Coffee Marijuana Blog Blazes New Trail In Washington

In the United States, Colorado and Washington voters passed legislation legalizing marijuana, ending nine decades of pot prohibition. Although it’s anyone’s guess if these new laws will be fought in court by the federal government, a group of Washington residents have taken to the blogs to express their love of high grade medical cannabis paired with specialty coffee. Meet Spro & Dro:

Why coffee and weed? Well, because they work so well together…and they’re two of our favorite things. You’ll see reviews of cafes, dispensaries, roasteries, beans and buds. Stay tuned for fresh content!

“I take two with mine,” (Spro & Dro)

While we don’t touch the stuff personally, your editors are big fans of people trying new things in the coffee blogosphere. So kudos, Spro & Dro! Smoke a marijuana cigarette and get potted up for freedom!


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