Special Comment from Andrew Brewtbart: Ego Trip, Thy Name is Zell

Andrew Brewtbart, famously reclusive leading figure in the conservative coffee movement, has aimed his poisoned pen at Intelligentisia’s CEO Douglas Zell. The controversy stems over a recent Zell Speaks blog post in which he claimed credit for a number of specialty coffee innovations.

While we here at Sprudge.com acknowledge that Andrew Brewtbart is a polarizing figure, we feel his views deserve to be heard and discussed by the international coffee community.


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    He has a point, like, does Zell actually believe HE pioneered the micro lot? Howell’s Coffee Connection was the first as I remember, way back when before Zell was even in the Tea business, let alone coffee. Funny irony is that the Organic Certification System is the one that enabled & should get the credit for all this micro lots and traceability we are seeing, oh but Intelligentsia doesn’t recognize that system anymore.

    The Unqualified Hubris thing is soooo last century don’t you think?


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