South Park’s Trey Parker Visits Stumptown

South Park’s Trey Parker Visits Stumptown

Buried in the otherwise discountable new issue of Esquire Magazine, a tacit shout-out to the Stumptown Ace Hotel from South Park creator (and actual for-real total fucking genius (Ed. note: we apologize for the expletive, but felt the noun needed emphasis apropos to the subject’s oeuvre)) Trey Parker, who seems to have therein been served an exemplary cup of coffee by Stumptown staff. Mr. Parker hits on the concept of identity politics vis-a-vis our interconnected senses, and identity politics being what they are, the following excerpt begs several questions and offers several more avenues of interpretation, the most important of which is arguably: “Maybe there’s a good reason (beyond ego or sartorial slavishness) why your barista looks nice today.”

“As storytellers for fifteen years, we started looking at religions for their stories,” Parker said.

Stone illustrated the idea with the Parable of the Hipster Coffee Guy. Recently, Stone was at a New York hotel that was trying very hard to be cool. It had stuffed animal heads on the walls and exposed brass pipes. “I don’t know if Luddite is the right word, but it was back-to-basics. The guy making the coffee had a beard and tattoos. And I’m sitting there going, ‘What the fuck. I’m too old for this. This is not my scene.’ And then I drank the coffee, and I’m like, ‘Holy shit. That’s amazing.’

“And it made me think there’s something about dressing up and playing the part. To me, that’s religion. You can write down how to make the perfect cup of coffee. But to make it really good, you have to play something fictional, you have to dress up, you have to think, This is the most important thing.”

He continued, “The pride of the hipster food movement is sort of annoying, but it fascinates me. And the by-products are fucking great.”

Read the whole interview here, and in case you’re one of those people who deemed South Park “juvenile” and stopped watching in 1998, you should immediately grow the fuck up (Ed. note: apologies again, expletive used for thematic enjambment) and educate yourself with all the free content at South Park Studios.

The two-part “Go God Go” arc from Season 10 or the food-porn literalism of last season’s “Creme Fraiche” are both great places to start.


  1. Joe

    3 December

    At the moment I don’t believe there is a single barista at the Ace who has both a beard and tattoos. As a matter of fact since the NYC Stumptown opened I do not think any barista has had both a beard and tattoos.

  2. Ed Halliday

    3 December

    if trey parker were a genius i feel like he would hate south park more than anything

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