Sometimes That Darn Media Is Stupid

Oh, you know, just some local news coverage of last Thursday’s Philly TNT. Is this really happening, or are we watching a deleted scene from “Best In Show”? This is what we woke up to, really? Did someone slip us acid in our sleep?

(courtesy of @sethlester at Spruce Street Espresso / Americano To GO)


  1. Brian G.

    24 October

    An important point: the Philly throwdown portion was a costume party. The bearded gnome was actually a Bearded Lady. It made sense if you were there…

    Interestingly, though the reporter totally botched the name Ultimo, he said the name Gelletly perfectly, which is a special occasion if your last name is Gelletly.

  2. Matt Milletto

    23 October

    I also saw the bearded gnome Peter! Whoa … this is bizarro.

  3. Oh my goodness.

  4. Joe

    22 October

    I cannot help but love “pouring the coffee into the foam” and the excitement that he revealed it. I keep watching it.

  5. Peter G

    22 October

    It is kinda acid-drenched.  In between happy glimpses of Aaron Ultimo and Faith Ortiz, I think I saw a little gnome or something with a grey beard.  And then the guy said expresso.  And then he lost all ability to pronounce names of any kind.  And then he stared at the producer for like 2 minutes without saying anything.

  6. What planet is this being broadcast from?!? Pouring the coffee into the foam? What is this, from 1989??! This has to be a joke. This HAS to be.

  7. SARA

    22 October

    Ah, yes. Every ones favorite coffee shop, Ol’tee-mo…..

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