Sometimes That Darn Media Is Stupid

Oh, you know, just some local news coverage of last Thursday’s Philly TNT. Is this really happening, or are we watching a deleted scene from “Best In Show”? This is what we woke up to, really? Did someone slip us acid in our sleep?

(courtesy of @sethlester at Spruce Street Espresso / Americano To GO)


  1. Brian G.

    24 October

    An important point: the Philly throwdown portion was a costume party. The bearded gnome was actually a Bearded Lady. It made sense if you were there…

    Interestingly, though the reporter totally botched the name Ultimo, he said the name Gelletly perfectly, which is a special occasion if your last name is Gelletly.

  2. Matt Milletto

    23 October

    I also saw the bearded gnome Peter! Whoa … this is bizarro.

  3. Michael Fernandez

    23 October

    Oh my goodness.

  4. Joe

    22 October

    I cannot help but love “pouring the coffee into the foam” and the excitement that he revealed it. I keep watching it.

  5. Peter G

    22 October

    It is kinda acid-drenched.  In between happy glimpses of Aaron Ultimo and Faith Ortiz, I think I saw a little gnome or something with a grey beard.  And then the guy said expresso.  And then he lost all ability to pronounce names of any kind.  And then he stared at the producer for like 2 minutes without saying anything.

  6. maria paterson

    22 October

    What planet is this being broadcast from?!? Pouring the coffee into the foam? What is this, from 1989??! This has to be a joke. This HAS to be.

  7. SARA

    22 October

    Ah, yes. Every ones favorite coffee shop, Ol’tee-mo…..

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