Sodi-Yum: Some Sip Sea Salt By The 85C Store

Sodi-Yum: Some Sip Sea Salt By The 85C Store

Morton Salt Girl

Extra salt, please.

A coffee company from Taiwan hopes to teach Americans to love squid-ink buns and iced sea salt lattes. Stores in the 85C chain also sell cheap, and unusual, pastries. Just as Starbucks brought venti triple lattes to Main Street, U.S.A., 85C hopes that adding a little saltiness to the caffeine is a hit with American consumers.

NPR – Sea Salt Latte Is 85C The Next Coffee Craze?

  1. Name Leslie

    14 June

    Wish I didn’t have to travel to CA or Taiwan to try this coffee. I’m really interested to seeing what it tastes like.

  2. sprudge

    11 June

    the npr is calling it the next coffee craze… in america.

  3. greg

    10 June

    Does it still qualify as “the next coffee craze” even after two years of articles asking the same question?

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