“Slurp, ahh, ohh, eww.” Finca Nueva Berlin at Ultimo Coffee

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From Phil Proteau:

On January 20th, at approximately 2pm, Ultimo Coffee Bar in South Philly featured the first ever (that we know of) North American grown and processed coffee to be retailed in a coffee shop.  This mini micro lot from Finca Nueva Berlin, grown by producer Daryn Berlin, was raised with careful and meticulous cultivation techniques in his living room in Durham, N.C.  Trading this scant crop totaling 1oz of roasted beans for $1.50, Daryn Berlin and Aaron Ultimo also made the history books by engaging in the most direct of Direct Trade ever possible in the coffee industry.  The coffee was passed directly from grower/producer/roaster to buyer/retailer/barista in the very coffee shop in which it was to be consumed.  It was my distinct honor to buy that cup, which retailed for $3.25, which I then shared with the whole gang.

Curious techniques involved mouth depulping, kitchen sink washing and windowsill drying. Is Kopi Berlin next?

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    at last! the long await mini micro lot Finca Neuva Berlin arrives. if it had gone to auction, i predict it would have reached as high as $2.25 maybe $2.50 for that ounce. MANY of us had awaited it’s arrival. Any insights on how it was roasted?


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