Breaking news tonight: Tyler Wells, Chris Owens, and reigning World Barista Champion Michael Phillips have resigned from their positions with Intelligentsia Coffee and Tea.

Intelli’s Marketing Director Stephen Morrissey confirmed this report and spoke exclusively to Sprudge: “Tyler, Chris and Michael are all extremely talented and lovely guys. We wish them the best and are excited to see what they do.”

“I have resigned from my position as Director of Coffee Education at Intelligentsia Coffee and Tea,” Mike Phillips told Sprudge earlier this evening. “I think it’s truly a world class coffee company that has done many amazing things and will continue to do many more. This is time for me to try something new.

Something new? Stay tuned to for more on this story in the coming days!

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  1. says

    Wanted: Barista with several years of experience at a high level shop, with knowledge of cutting edge industry equipment and techniques, and preferably, some competition hardware.

    I think I’ll spare them my application.

  2. Kyle says

    yeah anonymous, im not sure how the world barista champion leaving his extremely important role at one of the most note worthy roasters in our industry is news… and to put a fun and playfull spin on it how dare you sprudge!

  3. Anonymous says

    Sorry, that post came across as kind of a nasty comment which wasn’t the intention. I guess I just feel bad for these guys that what was probably a tough decision for them to make, is now posted in tabloid headlines for the industry to speculate on and gossip about. Mostly I love what Sprudge does and your sense of humor, but this “reporting” could be tighter.

  4. Anonymous says

    this is news?? “Oh my, three people actually resigned from Intelli!!”let us know when they do something significant. Sorry to see Sprudge turning into gossip central for the coffee industry. It would be juicy if you can dig up some dirt on itelli and maybe why these “top” employees were un-fullfilled working there.

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