Shock Or Schmuck? Tennis Ump’s Coffee Mug Bl...

Shock Or Schmuck? Tennis Ump’s Coffee Mug Bludgeoning

Famed tennis referee Lois Goodman, 70, is behind bars and faces charges for murder with a coffee implement. Back in April, her husband Alan Goodman, 80, was found dead. Mrs. Goodman told police that he fell down the stairs, but the police weren’t convinced, and now she’s being charged with murder.

Lois Goodman says she’s looking forward to fighting these charges. Until found guilty by a jury of her peers, we’re shying away of giving her the coveted “Schmuck of the Week” title, but oof, can you imagine? Being beaten senseless with a coffee mug? We’d at least want to be murdered with something classy, like a Heath Ceramics number, or something from the Stumptown Arik Roper mug set. Then at least we’d have death with dignity.


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