Now Watching: “Shit Baristas Say”

Presenting Shit Baristas Say, a production starring Ian Hunter Anderson. Filmed at Four Barrel Coffee, apparel by No Shop.


  1. says

    I love this! “THIS is a macchiato,” comes out of my mouth more than a few times a day. Central Oklahoman’s aren’t terribly prepared for non-Starbucks deliciousness.

  2. maria says

    This is scary how dead on some of this is. I am pretty sure I did the “THIS is a macchiato” last night. Although I have to always add, “but if you’d like me to make you a vanilla foamy latte with caramel sauce, I can do that for you” with a BIG smile. Why? We’re a new shop in a Canadian (read – passive-aggressively polite), suburban, coffee-backwards market with a Starbucks across the parking lot. It’s a survival tool.

    “Pffft” and eye rolls happen only in the kitchen.  

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