“Send Me To Vienna” Is Willing and Wai...

“Send Me To Vienna” Is Willing and Waiting

Perhaps you’ve noticed the caution-tape yellow adverts at all of this year’s USBC events…or maybe you’ve noticed the disturbing “fat man in a box” ad running on the bottom right-hand side of this very website. Natvia, the official sweetener sponsor of the USBC and WCE, are running an innovative contest to send a whole mess of people to Vienna for free. A lot of people have asked us, “hey, what’s the deal with that contest?” You can always trust Sprudge to give it to you straight. If you enter this contest, you can win:

• 3 nights stay in Vienna with a friend!
• 2 round-trip air tickets!
• Backstage access (whatever that means) to the World Barista Championships 2012 in Vienna!
• A chance to be “Natvia Ambassador”, a role for which you’ll be allowed to interview “The Coffee Gods”! (we’re assuming they mean Brent Fortune)
• VIP tickets to the official Natvia “Sweet Fantasy Party” in Vienna!

All this can be yours, should you choose to 1. Enter the contest, 2. Make people vote for you, and 3. Compete in a series of wacky challenges, each wackier than the last.  Four categories of competitors are in play: Andrew Tucker currently leads the baristas, Alan Collins is leading the roasters, Dear Coffee I Love You’s Brian W. Jones is leading the groupies, and Jack Groot is leading the cafe owners.

Remember we mentioned wacky video challenges? Well, should you win said challenges, ye shall receive:

• Nuova Simonelli Muscia Espresso Machines!
• Reg Barber Gold Tampers!
• Plus more prizes which remain a surprise! (we’re assuming they mean Brent Fortune)

This whole campaign has us edging with excitement, an edging which is sure to boil over when we ourselves attend the Sweet Fantasy Fantasia in Vienna. Go sign up here and try to win this thing, or vote for your friends, or marvel in all the ways in which they’ve visually utilized that fat man sitting in a cardboard box.


  1. michaelkemsons

    16 June

    long time no see dennis i dont normaly give it out but this is there link
    and some info ,give them a call , mention michael recommened you

  2. garydirteen

    9 May

    hi there grant this is the contact info ,check out there great deals ,just say gary give you there number

  3. Aaron

    20 February

    Also worth mentioning that voters can spread the love and vote for multiple people – so if you recognize a few baristas (or coffee bloggers) you don’t have to play favorites or flip a coin, instead you can bump them both up the rankings :)

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