Coffee Schmuck of the Week: Man Robs Bank Using Garfield Mug


Andrew Taylor walked into his local PNC Bank and walked out with $5,000, using only his “wits” and a purple Garfield mug.

Bank robbers don’t normally hang around the bank lobby for 15 minutes.

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They also don’t tend to rob their regular bank – at least not without a disguise.

That’s why, police say, when Andrew Taylor walked into the PNC Bank just before 3 p.m. on Friday with a purple coffee mug and asked to speak to a bank employee, not much was thought about it.

Fifteen minutes later, court records say, Taylor, 42, told the bank employee that he needed $5,000. The coffee mug, he said, contained an explosive device, the record says. Taylor said he had the bomb detonator in his pocket.

Read the rest of this horrible story here.

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  1. says

    As I now reside in the town where Garfield was created (Muncie, IN)…
    I can safely say that neither I nor Garfield creator Jim Davis approve of this use of Garfiled’s image. Unless of course the bank teller was Odie.

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