Schmuck: Jerome Turner And The Somerville Bummer

Schmuck: Jerome Turner And The Somerville Bummer

This tale from our belle epoque du schmuck comes to us courtesy of author Audi Goha, writing on the Somerville page of Wicked Local:

The cashier told police that Turner purchased a small hot coffee and a donut with a $50 bill. When she returned his change, Turner allegedly asked if he could use a smaller bill instead of the $50 bill, but the cashier said she had already given him the appropriate change.

Turner allegedly got angry, said he did not want the coffee and donut, and requested a full refund. The cashier said only a manager had the authority to refund the money, and that he would need to return tomorrow and speak to the manager.

At this point Turner allegedly threatened her saying, “ If you don’t give me my money, I’m going to hop the counter and kick your ass.”

The victim called out to a coworker and a witness nearby for assistance. As the second employee approached, Turner allegedly threw his hot coffee at the cashier, which hit her in the chest, the wall menu and coffee maker.

At least we can take solace in the fact that delicious coffee was not wasted during the committing of this crime. We wish a speedy recovery to the cashier, but more importantly, a swift and humbling trip through the bowels of the Massachusetts legal system for Mr. Jerome Turner, your Coffee Schmuck of the Week.



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