Schmuck Of The Week: Smucker’s Transparency

Your Schmuck of the Week is J.M. Smuckers, the new father of Folgers. According to this feature from Coffee Habitat, Mr. Smuckers presides over the most unsustainable canned coffee in America, available on the shelves of every last Safeway, Publix, Giant Eagle, or even the dreaded Piggly Wiggly.

Since acquiring Folgers from Procter and Gamble in 2008, Smucker’s has balked at providing meaningful sustainability reporting. Pressure from corporate investors prompted a first-ever corporate sustainability report. The single page on coffee was disconcertingly deficient in details. The Smucker’s opposed a second shareholder proposal to produce a sustainability report specific to coffee. Only a tiny fraction — half a percent — of the coffee purchased by Smucker’s is certified Fair Trade or organic.

Mr. Smuckers can consult a real transparency report by clicking here.


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