Sandy In Queens: The Dallis Bros. Coffee Storm Sur...

Sandy In Queens: The Dallis Bros. Coffee Storm Surge Flickr Set

That nasty old Hurricane Sandy, she’s queening out in Queens, where our friends at Dallis Bros. Coffee are based. They’ve got some Flickr photos of the storm surge realness, like this doozy of Josip Drazenovich, Training and Development Manager for Dallis Bros, still practicing away for the maybe-still-happening NERBC:

Meanwhile the street scene outside looks pretty haggard:

Is the NERBC still actually happening? Will your intrepid Sprudge editors be flying to Philadelphia on Thursday, then somehow getting themselves to the storm-addled ground zero of Atlantic City? Did Lucy the Elephant survive? Have they succesfully drained the Bally’s valet station? Only time will hotel.


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