By Nēnē Means Necessary: Rusty’s Hawaiian Co...

By Nēnē Means Necessary: Rusty’s Hawaiian Coffee Da Kine Wen Score 91.1

R. Miguel and Lorie

The Hawaii Coffee Association’s 15th annual Coffee Conference has come and gone, and as the N?n? feathers settle we’re happy to help spread the word: long-time Sprudge favorite R. Miguel Meza and his K’au Coffee Collective have done quite well for themselves at this year’s Cupping Competition. Top honors went to Rusty’s Hawaiian, “a 12-acre boutique coffee estate operated almost singlehandedly by Lorie Obra”, whose coffees are increasingly coming to represent the K’au growing region to the outside world. This year’s big winner was Rusty’s 100% K’au, a blend of Guatemalan typica and bourbon varietals that garnered a 91.1 overall score at the HCA event.

“This award is in honor of Rusty, my late husband,” said Lorie Obra, owner of Rusty’s Hawaiian. “I’m trying hard to achieve his dream of turning K’au from an unknown coffee region into an elite one.”

While the triumph and honor is surely deserved by Lorie and the late Rusty, everyone involved seems eager to give props to R. Miguel. His work as a consultant and roaster in the Big Island regions of K’au and Kona have resulted in a string of notable events, including:

* a remarkable Coffee Review score of 97 points for his Hula Daddy 100% Kona in 2008

*  development of Pete Licata’s WRBC-winning coffees in 2010

* a semi-final finish at Kapiolani Town Center “Hawaiian Idol” competition

Congratulations to Lorie Obra and R. Miguel! Learn more about Rusty’s Hawaiian here, get your Hawaii Coffee Association fix here (complete with beach photos!), and check out this video announcement of the winners over at Hawaii 24/7

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