Puff, Puff, We’ll Pass: The AeroShot

Puff, Puff, We’ll Pass: The AeroShot

The Daily Mail just ran a huge feature on the Harvard University professor who invented puffable caffeine capsules. They’re designed to replace coffee, yellow jackets, No-Doz, Red Bull, Rockstars and black market pharmaceuticals, all with fewer calories than that triple white chocolate mocha 1/2 of Sprudge used to guzzle down between classes at TCC.

The whole thing is a little “Breaking Bad” for us, like Mr. Harvard cooked this gimmick up in a trailer somewhere north of Albuquerque. Invent us a puffable Pinot, professor, and you’ve got yourself some customers. Daily Mail has all the juice. Check out the Aeroshot’s official website here.


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