“Presidential Joulies” Arrive At 600 P...

“Presidential Joulies” Arrive At 600 Penn

The boys who conquered Kickstarter with their bean-shaped metal doo-dads (balked at by geek bloggers, trumpeted and hailed by when we test-drove them here) are on their way to the White House! They and 99 other young start-ups are being honored at the annual Empact100 Event:

The Empact100 is a compilation of many of the top companies run by young entrepreneurs. The list recognizes the top 100 companies run by young entrepreneurs age 30 or younger who impact our economy and inspire others to join the movement to revitalize our economy by starting a business of their own.

With them, they’ve brought a satchel of exclusive “Presidential Joulies”. Congratulations, guys!



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