[Poll] Is This Latte Art Culturally Insensitive?

[Poll] Is This Latte Art Culturally Insensitive?

Is "The Red Indian" latte art culturally insensitive?

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“The Red Indian” via redditor SpamFilterUK.


  1. Jake

    12 September

    “The Red Indian” is offensive. Without the name, I’d assume this was just “Sweet Rocker Dude Hair”, which, while also using a minority group as its material, seems fine.

  2. Johnny B

    12 September

    My native friends would think this is funny as hell.

    • Johnny B

      12 September

      then again it looks more like something out of fern gully than it resembles an american indian chief.

  3. Slug

    11 September

    I, for one, think that this latte art is both 1) Lazy and 2) Crazy. What’s next? Black face etching? On the other hand, it’s art, so who are we to censor art? ~s

  4. Llewellyn Sinclair

    11 September

    Do you think this design would be appropriate to serve in a cafe?

  5. James

    11 September

    I agree with irrelevant, but this design could also easily be turned into a really sweet lion.

  6. namenamenamegreg

    11 September

    Just irrelevant

  7. Wynona

    11 September

    That’s disgraceful!

  8. Drew Moody

    11 September

    I mean, it looks like the chief has a single tear running down his cheek, so at least the artist recognizes their history of pain and sorrow.


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