Sirens And Clovers: Behind The Design At Starbucks’ First Store In Colombia

As reported today by The Chicago Tribune and others, Starbucks is opening its first-ever coffee bar in Colombia this week. Located at Calle 93 con Carrera 13, on a leafy corner of Bogota’s iconic Parque de la 93, this is the Seattle-based retailer’s opening salvo in a planned expansion into the Colombian market, long dominated by the […]

Build Outs Of Summer: Devout Coffee, Fremont, California (Now Open)

The Bay Area has long been a hotbed of the North American specialty coffee scene, with lately most of the excitement being focused in San Francisco and Oakland. But don’t underestimate the depth of coffee passion throughout the entire bay–in this entry in our Build Outs of Summer series, we take a look at Devout Coffee, a startup […]