Build Outs Of Summer: Bunna Bike in Sitka, Alaska

A bike-based coffee cart in San Diego makes perfect sense. A coffee bar mounted on a bicycle in east London seems almost too obvious for words. But a bicycle coffee set-up on Alaska’s wildly beautiful Sitka Sound? Now that, dear reader, is a story. Meet Bunna Bike, founded by Chris Bryner, a 4th grade teacher […]

Open Now: Skin and Suds at Intelligentsia Coffee’s New Wicker Park Cafe

That modern new apartment building you see at the corner of West Division Street and North Ashland Avenue? It’s home to Chicago’s newest Intelligentsia cafe. Designed by Danny Wicke of noted Chicago architecture firm Wheeler Kearns Architects, the space stands in tall contrast to the more historic architecture of neighboring buildings. The intentionally abstract placement of exterior windows […]

MacIntyre Coffee, A Transatlantic Multi-Roaster in London

From London’s bustling, trendsetting specialty coffee scene comes a unique space in the East End suburb of Hoxton by the name of MacIntyre Coffee. Opened in late 2013, MacIntyre is a café designed with an express purpose of functionality and customer experience, offering a diverse roster of roasters from London and North America and a […]