Our Groins, Ourselves: Coffee Crotch Shots


“Ever since the first (coffee crotch shot), I’ve become very aware about the relationship between crotches and coffee.”

The newest Tumblr meme sweeping the nation is “Coffee Crotch Shots”. This meme does what it says on the label: photographs of barista’s crotches, taken while at work from behind slow bars. The above link is SFW, but may not be SFYD (Safe For Your Dignity).

CCS would be hard pressed to get a decent crotch shot at any shop in San Francisco – most slow bars there are situated far too high (some more than 40″), much too tall to capture a barista’s crotch en delicato. The shoulders of the baristas will deteriorate; their crotches will go unphotographed, with deleterious effect on the self-image of baristas across the SF metro area. A thousand years from now, mankind will look back and determine that the crotches of San Francisco just weren’t that important. They will, of course, be wrong.


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