Our Favorite Stories and Headlines From 2010

Our Favorite Stories and Headlines From 2010

Out of nearly 600 features run on in 2010, here’s our biggest, brightest, weirdest and funniest features of the year. We do hope you enjoy these offerings (pairing them down wasn’t easy), and we look forward to making you laugh, pissing you off, and wasting your time for years to come. Auld lang syne!

James "Tevya " Hoffmann

Most Talked About Stories of 2010

“Aguagate”: Questioning Varietals At The 2010 Colombia Cup of Excellence’s Official Coffee Shop Music Blacklist

Don’t Don’t Do What Donny Don’t Does: 8 Barista No-No’s From

Cafe Vita Jamaican Blue Mountain: Chump Clown Meets Stumptown

Good Food Awards: What Went Wrong

File Photo

Top Headlines

The Carpuccino: A Car That Runs On Coffee, or, 37 Failed Attempts To Write A Funny Headline

Death and Taxis: Out of Control Cab Smashes NYC Cafe

Say Mr. Tully Man, Tully’s Top Banana: “Retirement Come And Me Want To Go Home”

I’ve Seen The Future, And It’s Stupid: Meet The iPod “Appresso”

Intelli in Seattle? When Zell Freezes Over!

Blog Party

Editor’s Choice: Our Favorite Stories of 2010

Strada And The City: La Marzocco Gets Carried Away!

Oslo and Behold: Exclusive Nordic Barista Cup Coverage From Sprudge Correspondent Greggory Hullzenbløgger!

WBC Parties 2010: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Crash 140 Quid-Per-Person Dinners.

Carl Mundy Responds To Todd Carmichael: “The Best Cup Of Sound Ground”

SprudgeTV: Fashion On The SCAA Show Floor

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