NYC Post-Storm Coffee Report has the inside post-storm scoop from various NYC coffee sources:

*A lot of stuff is closed – this includes cafes in Brooklyn (Gimme!, Blue Bottle, etc) and cafes in Manhattan (Third Rail, Vandaag, etc). This means everyone got to go out / bunker in last night and get drunk without having to wake up early.

* Based on employee availability, some cafes are beginning to re-open for the afternoon – notably the Grumpy locations in Park Slope and Greenpoint, Everyman Espresso in the East Village and Sweetleaf in Long Island City, Queens. (*UPDATE 3:07pm EST: Joe on Waverly is now open as well.) The problem for cafes in New York isn’t storm damage, it’s employee availability – the subways are still closed, and faithful baristas are taking epic cross-bridge cab rides to get to where they need to be. Take that, apathy stereotypes.

*The storm wasn’t that big of a deal, but man, New York without subways is a strange, strange thing.

Also, this happened (via Gothamist):


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  1. Awesome! Important Post-Irene news out of New York City…RT @sprudge NYC Post-Storm Coffee Report

  2. Gavin Compton

    28 August


  3. that’s some good company :-) “@sprudge: NYC Post-Storm Coffee Report @gothamist @sweetleaflic @everymanNY @cafegrumpy @”

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