Now Watching: Comedians In Cars Episode 2

We don’t tut-tut often enough! We save it for moments like this, after a few glasses of wine in the wee hours of the morning, when we visit to screen the latest episode of this decade’s very meta “show about nothing”.

In this week’s episode of Jerry Seinfeld’s web series Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee, he takes his ice blue Austin Healey 3000 for a spin with Ricky “Giggles” Gervais. To be quite honest, this online-only web series is an absolute joy to watch. The conversations are riveting, hilarious, and sweet. But we’re not here to praise! We’re here to tut-tut from that stereotypical “coffee type” blog perspective. And tut-tut we shall do!

After one wild ride to City Island, the pair go to an undisclosed diner for coffee and eggs. Giggles orders a coffee with milk, Seinfeld gets a coffee with half & half. Then boom! Cue the cut shot coffee montage, bitches:

Oooh, beans.

Grind it!

Damn, Gina, that’s a heavy dose you tampin’.

Firenze, represent!

City Island Diner uses naked portafilters? Girl…

There’s one of them coffees JS and RG ordered…

Who ordered that?

Don’t flip the script – we love this show, but tut-tut! It is absolutely totally lame that Jerry Seinfeld shows the same b-reel footage of making coffee as he did in the last episode. Totally, super lame. It’s like if Anthony Bourdain’s production crew simply recycled footage of kitchen staffs, from Montreal to Mumbai. Not only is Seinfeld recycling the shots, but he’s using shots that are totally irrelevant to the order. Tut-tut, we say. Tut-tut!

No one ordered an espresso. Ain’t nobody getting a cappuccino. Shouldn’t the “coffee” component of Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee get the same cut-shot treatment the Austin Healey 3000 MKIII gets? We don’t see close-up cut-aways of last week’s 1952 Beetle and its curvaceous moulded boot cover, Wolfsburg hood crest, or that split rear window.


P.S. Is it weird to anyone else that Jerry Seinfeld and Ricky Gervais are wearing the same clothes in this episode? I mean, did they plan that or something? Who are they? Joey And Mel Schwanke? Walter and Perry from Home Movies? Seriously, guys, seriously.