No Rest: All-In-One Roaster / Grinder / Coffee Mak...

No Rest: All-In-One Roaster / Grinder / Coffee Maker Swings, Misses

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Fresh roasted coffee needs more than a few minutes to rest before brewing. It doesn’t take a Director of Advancing Ingenuity and Developing Brilliance to tell you that. Entertaining video, beautiful device, terrible coffee. Best served for roasting Kopi Luwak, on your 80 foot yacht, before sleeping on your bed of money, after doing a double gainer off the diving board in your Scrooge McDuck money vault.

  1. John Ford

    18 August

    A cup of coffee in the morning not only wakes you up but also gives an energy boost.

  2. jesse B

    1 August

    I’m working on a similar concept, but taking it to the next level. My brewer/grinder/roaster is also conveniently equipped with a coffee cherry processor, with the touch of a button you can produce a fully washed, pulped natural or a dry processed coffee in just minutes!! p.s. it slices and dices, peels and don’t worry, if you prefer your coffee julienned, we’ve got you covered! No release date has been set.

  3. Chris Deferio

    31 July

    I think this is the prototype coffee machine for the 2012 “ark” ships.
    It’s a brave new world.

  4. Matt Milletto

    29 July

    Are they in a Submarine or a bomb shelter? Maybe this is from the future and they are the last humans on earth … then this would make a lot of sense. :)

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