“New Girl” Writers Are Totes Judgy!

Gizmodo says:

Coffee enthusiasts everywhere felt the painful sting of pop-culture mockery last night when The New Girl featured butt-of-all-jokes Schmidt bitching about his conical burr grinder. If you watch the show, you know that Schmidt is a sort of combination douche/hipster/trend-whore, not the kind of person your average home-brewer would want to be compared to.

Pbbt. Conical burrs are great if you’re making espresso, but everyone knows flat burrs are far superior when brewing coffee. Duh. You should fire whoever wrote that stuff from your show, Zooey D, and maybe tell your writing staff to read our series of Zooey Deschanel’s Totes Not Judgy Coffee Guides (Part one: NYC OMG! Part two: PDX Is Cool, I Guess) before they make any more stupid mean coffee jokes. Hmrph!