Documentary With Peter G, Danny Glover

We’ve broken our unspoken moratorium on featuring Kickstarter projects to bring you this video, because it looks pretty cool, they’re clearly interviewing a bunch of geniuses, and also it meant we got to write that headline.

Featuring over 100 interviews from long time coffee connoisseurs and entrepreneurs such as Andrew Lindemann (Global Green Bean Director, Starbucks), Doug Welsh (Master Roaster at Peet’s Coffee and Tea), espresso guru David Schomer (President of Vivace, Seattle), Matt Lounsbury CEO of Stumptown Coffee Roasters, Geoff Watts (Green Bean Buyer-Intelligentsia) and Counter Culture’s Peter Giuliano, along with other World Barista Champions and coffee lovers, Caffeinated reveals surprising insights on everything that happens from the bean to the cup.

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