Recap Realness: Round One, Day One Of 2013 NERBC

Recap Realness: Round One, Day One Of 2013 NERBC

IMG_7743Welcome to the very best in tweets, pics, and .gifs from Day One, Round One of the 2013 Northeast Regional Barista Competition!’s coverage of the NERBC is made possible by direct support from Dallis Bros. Coffee. The entirety of our 2013 competition coverage is anchored by our friends and partners at Nuova Simonelli. We’re proud to serve as your 2013 Official Digital Media Sponsors, as anointed (and granted access) by the Specialty Coffee Association of America.

And now, the good stuff!


1. Zoey Thorson, Gimme! Coffee, Brooklyn, NY   @gimmecoffee

11:18 ms. thorson competes using @gimmecoffee‘s Honduras Las Penitas – learn more and bring some home!

11:21 “with your cappuccinos, I invite you to close your eyes and see what kind of journey it takes you on.” -Zoey Thorson


11:30 ms. thorson’s sig drink includes local strawberry jam, with shots of @gimmecoffee Las Penitas pulled on top, then adds @battenkillcrmry whipped cream, shaved madagascar cocoa, and pink peppercorn


2. Benjamin Turiano, Joe Bean Roasters, Rochester, NY  @JoeBeanRoasters

11:39 mr. turiano is talking the judges through brewing methods, solubles, and why espresso is special – “espresso delivers us aromatics in a way that no other brewing method is really able to replicate.”

11:40 if you aren’t super familiar with Rochester, NY’s @JoeBeanRoasters, check out their website: 

11:45 mr. turiano’s competes using @JoeBeanRoaster Nicaragua Don Francisco — learn more, bring some home – espresso with notes of “sweet orange up front, cinnamon spice nose, tart burgundy acidity, roasted almond finish.”


3. Angelina Greep, Toby’s Estate Coffee, Brooklyn, NY   @TobysBrooklyn

12:00 Ms. Geep starts her routine with sig drink prep, infusion of honey – “because ethiopian farmers keep bees in their environment” – sencha tea, sage, basil and rosemary


12:02 ms. greep on her @tobysbrooklyn ethiopia espresso: “honeydew melon, lime zest, syrupy body”

12:06 so this is kind of the first year for @tobysbrooklyn on the #NERBC stage – last year they had just opened. sometimes new competitors catch us by surprise, and that’s more or less what’s happening here with angelina greep


12:10 “”we’re at a pivotal point in coffee where baristas can interact with where coffee comes from.” – her signature drink is based on “Microchondrial fungi growing beneath the soil in Ethiopia” – so there’s that.


4. Tamara Vigil, Irving Farm Coffee Roasters, New York, NY @IrvingFarm @tamakinsneb

12:16 Ms. Vigil is the director of education at Irving Farm Coffee here in NYC – she competes using a coffee from the Huila region of Colombia, currently unavailable online.

12:22 capps with notes of “orange creamsicle” – ms. vigil’s colombia huila is dry-fermented and that’s what “gives it its acidity and sweetness”


12:28 Ms. Vigil’s sig drink: blackberry syrup, fresh thyme, turbonado syrup, water – add meyer lemon for a “touch of color”, paired with Colombia espresso. “leather and smoke, peanut butter & jelly.”


5. Sarah Sanfino, Café Grumpy, New York, NY @sanfino @cafegrumpy

12:38 ms @sanfino competes using @cafegrumpy Guatemala Antigua Aragón – learn more! bring some home! it makes for espresso with notes of “unsweetened cocoa and honeydew”

12:45 ms. @sanfino‘s sig drink: 70% dark chocolate from madagascar, hot water & vanilla creme anglaise, like a nice americano


12:49 on her sig drink: “you can taste everything separately – the espresso, the chocolate, the creaminess”

12:51 “it’s easy to become a purist…maybe even a little pretentious…but there is no shame in wanting to indulge.”


6. Cara Zebrowski, Coffee Labs Roasters, Tarrytown, NY @CoffeeLabs

12:57 “coffee is very frustrating, like any relationship we have in our lives, but ultimately it’s something we love” – Cara Zebrowski

12:58 she’s a roaster! she works as a barista! “coffee…it really has encompassed my whole life!”


1:01 so, cara zabrowski is a fairly short human being. she’s competing using a step-ladder to reach the @nuovasimonelli T3 – and doing leaping dismounts and stuff off of it. this is a pretty interesting routine.

1:05 “we’re on a date here! it’s fine, do whatever you want!”… “hopefully we get to go on a second date!” – ooh girl.


7. Logan Demmy, One Line Coffee, Columbus, OH @pourcolumbus @onelinecoffee

1:25 mr. demmy competes using @onelinecoffee El Salvador Finca La Aradera – learn more here and take some home. “distinct notes of cane sugar, lightly smoked pork, and bright lemon.”

1:32 cocktail influenced sig drink from @pourcolumbus: “an excellent cocktail has a beginning, middle, and an end” – his sig drink is like an espresso manhattan, with tart cherry juice with ginger, acai, and wormwood.

1:36 wormwood is a legal and mild hallucinogen, found in absinthe. illegal in the USA until very recently.

1:38 mr. demmy calls time at 15:40 – impressive performance, might be good enough to transcend time penalty


8. Samuel Lewontin, Everyman Espresso, New York, NY @coffeeandbikes @EverymanNY

1:48 mr. lewontin competes using @counter_culture‘s Burundi Mpemba – learn more, take some home, this is pretty special coffee.

1:52 mr. lewontin’s routine is focused on epiphanies – for himself, for his customers, and hopefully for the judges. you could hear a pin drop in this room right now, no foolies, standing room only.

1:53 “this coffee is a blend of three types of bourbon, and that gives is a cornucopia of flavor and sweetness” – into the espresso stage now, and Sam is so good verbally: weight, dosage, extraction time, a total comfort with the knowledge


9. Lanny Huang, Gimme! Coffee, Ithaca, NY @gimmecoffee

2:04 “I want to talk about the responsibilities for baristas to serve…we serve the customers before ourselves. my favorite drink to serve is the customer’s favorite drink to drink.”

2:08 whoa, unexpected twist, but lanny of @gimmecoffee serves the judges DECAF CAPPS. – “I think it’s weird that we think decaf is not something that can enjoyed…everyone has preferences & desires that may or may not match your own…but ultimately it’s what the customer wants.”

2:10 mr. huang competes using @gimmecoffee Decaf Colombia La Primavera – learn more, take some home.

2:14 mr. huang’s sig drink: lime, tonic water, soft vanilla ice cream – served first with no espresso, then espresso added.


10. Mike Morgenstern, Joe, New York, NY @drmancandy @JoecoffeeNYC

2:30 in case you were wondering, @drmancandy is definitely the best twitter handle of #NERBC

2:32 Mr. Morgenstern competes w/ @joecoffeenyc Colombia Finca la Vega – “cherry with a molasses undertone & crisp, clear body” – learn more about it here:


2:45 Mr. Morgenstern’s sig drink is based on the “roy rogers” – grenadine molasses syrup, sparkling water, and espresso


11. Anne Cooper, Dallis Bros. Coffee, New York, NY @supacrema @DallisCoffee

2:50 Anne Cooper (@supercrema) is the roaster at @dalliscoffee AND she’s from australia. she first competed in all the way back in 2005 in Brisbane.

2:52 Ms. Cooper is serving an australian grown single estate coffee from Mountain Top Estate – “Bin 478” – “if i could have grown my own coffee for you today, i would have. next time.”

2:55 “i like beer, and when i first tried bin 478, i felt it had qualities similar to an IPA” – her signature drink includes hops, grape juice, clementines mashed together, add espresso, ice, soak for 8 minutes – “8 minute IPA”


2:57 ooh and a prince remix, that’s funky. @supercrema kind of winning our hearts here at #NERBC – “a complex acidity: citric, malic, tartaric. like chomping on a kumquat!”- that is a symphony of diction.

daniel shannon

12. Daniel Shannon, Fonte Coffee, Brooklyn, NY @fontecoffee

3:20 did you know the roots of @fontecoffee are in the deep roots of @starbucks? it’s true. daniel shannon is all about it.

3:21 mr. shannon competes using @fontecoffee F2 blend – brazil, guatemala, kenya, indonesia. check it out y’all.

3:39 mr. shannon’s signature drink: “the trilogy”, a homemade nutella gelato float / manhattan special / cream soda situation


13. Erika Vonie, Ultimo Coffee, Philadelphia, PA    @OkAn_EerieEvil @ultimocoffee

3:40 ms. vonie competes using @counter_culture Taroira Project Bonta Microlot from Papua New Guinea – learn more!

3:43 “This Bonta cappuccino tastes like brown butter shortbread -it’s the Maillard reaction personified.”

3:49 Ms. Vonie’s sig drink is meant to mimic vietnamese pho soup, which is pretty much the tastiest thing on earth. beef marrow, lime, com ga fish sauce…dang.




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