Name This Disgusting Trend: Shocking Video From NYC

You’ve heard of “planking”, and its meta-lame little cousin, “owling”. Well…there’s a disgusting new barista trend sweeping the nation, sort of like the “Goatse” of latte art. All it needs is a name…

Truly deplorable.


  1. Long John Silverback says

    I personally poured a delicate rosetta into Howard Schultz’s gaping, eager mouth on October 27th, 1988, at a former ‘Il Giornale’ location in suburban Seattle. He, too, tried to take it make a lovely display of it, but wound up choking on the sheer volume of my microfoam.

    • spinderella says

      the fake tabloid extremism of this feature is obviously parody. way to be a humorless elitist numbnuts, ya numbnuts.

  2. Jeremiah Ruffentumble says

    I’ve seen pics but never video before. I could watch barista boys attempt this kind of latte art all day…

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