Made in the USA: Camano Coffee Mill Is

Made in the USA: Camano Coffee Mill Is’s Favorite Grinder

Here’s a new online pal for you to add to your Facebook account. He won’t spam you with group invites, he’ll never change his relationship status, and you won’t have to guess which Morrissey song he’s quoting.

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Move over, Skerton. Ball-jar busting Camano Coffee Mill is sturdy, beautiful and a dream to hand-grind. There’s just something so…visceral about hand-grinding. It makes you feel alive, it gets the heart pumping, and well… it’s like climbing the 7 highest peaks, or sleeping on the beach, or finally making out with your long-lost high school crush. All this, a workout for your biceps, and that wonderful freshly-ground aroma to boot. MMM-mmm!

It’ll be the best $60 you’ve ever spent.

  1. Justin Burrus

    5 July

    Hey, thanks so much for the great reviews… our Camano Coffee Mill has evolved a bit. We now use the Ball Elite wide mouth jars as the base…you can find us on facebook here…

    Always trying to make it better… Thanks again!

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