Louie CK Likes Porto Rico Coffee

We’re huge “Louie” fans. The third season of Louie CK’s eponymous comedy / drama / NYC love letter premiered last Thursday on FX, and it’s really very good. As part of their new season launch, Louie CK and FX have teamed up to provide additional “web exclusive content” for his show. Most “web exclusive content” is a waste of time – except for like, “Queerduck” and some of the “Breaking Bad” webisodes – but FX hustled Louie into making a big website of “Louie’s favorite places” in Manhattan, and included is Porto Rico Coffee in the West Village. We hope FX and Porto Rico drove a dump truck of money up to his brownstone in exchange for providing this extra content, so that he can continue to afford writing, editing, scoring and performing in his own TV show for years and years to come.

Here’s what Louie has to say:

It’s on Bleecker near Sixth Avenue.  They bring in big bags of coffee from around the world, roast them and grind them up for you.  Holy shit, dude. That coffee.  Again, I am not a food critic or a coffee writer person guy. That coffee is just really great and it’s a beautiful place. Really old and nice inside.  Go to the coffee bar at the back and a young dude with facial hair will make you a gorgeous cappuccino.  The kids that work here have every right to be snotty about it and they just are not.  Very friendly.  I sometimes buy my daughters caramels there.  Really good caramels.

Below you can watch Louie CK eviscerate “an indie place where all the cool people go” in Los Angeles, and click here to hear the stupid “Star Wars” nonsense language Louie encounters at his local NYC coffee bar.




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