Look Who’s Pooping Now: Goats, See?

This was perhaps inevitable. From an article published on iAfrica.com, titled “Goat poo coffee in the pipeline“, we learn of Charles Back, a South African goat’s milk titan who learned a (disgusting) thing or two from a recent visit to Indonesia:

After years of experimentation, Fairview has launched a new, rather unusual variety of coffee, made from coffee berries eaten and then passed by goats. Owing to this unique production process, the aptly named Goffee, has astounded nutritionists with its health benefits.

During a visit to Indonesia in 2008 Back developed a love of civet coffee, one of the world’s most expensive varieties of coffee made from the beans of coffee berries which have been eaten by the Asian Palm Civet. Intrigued by this method of coffee-making he began researching the subject of coffee-making further and enrolled in a Barista course.

Back says, “My trip to Indonesia inspired me and got me thinking about the possible relationship between goats and coffee.”

Mr. Back is charging R200 for 100 grams of whole bean sales of his “Goffee”. For those of you unfamiliar with the current Rand to Dollar conversion rate, that’s around $25.

Update: We were April Fooled so hard. We’ve changed the date of this feature to reflect the April Foolsiness of this piece. While goat poop coffee is fake, Kopi Luwak is still very real and very unfortunate.

(Hat tip: @dcily)



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