Loko For Them Lokos: Alcopop Banned, Irish Coffee ...

Loko For Them Lokos: Alcopop Banned, Irish Coffee Deemed “OK” By Feds

McKenna: Friend of Irish Coffee

In a recent post, we mentioned the rising popularity of caffeine energy drinks and declining popularity of coffee with Gen-Twitter. What’s even more popular? Alcoholic energy drinks. The feds recently intervened when 9 teenaged Central Washington “University” students blacked out after a binge drinking session involving, among a variety of other potables, the rainbow-flavored 12% scourge/delight known as Four Loko. After first blaming their blackout on the drugged machinations of a party cruising madman, police intervention and toxicology reports revealed that demon alcohol alone was to blame. Overreaction fundamentally requires a scapegoat, and all of these kids (and their families, and their “University”) were rightly made to look like idiots by local and national media. The end result? Sales of Four Loko have been officially banned in the state of Washington.

What’s the fallout? Well, now it seems all caffeinated alcoholic beverages are under scrutiny – including our beloved Irish Coffee.

Robert McKenna, Washington state Attorney General, said “We didn’t see these kinds of incidents when people were drinking Irish coffee or drinking regular energy drinks and adding alcohol”.

Read all about it at Irish, whose editors generously provide their own favorite Irish Coffee recipe as antidote for mass media panic.

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