Kobayashi and Jim Breuer Paid By “CoffeeR...

Kobayashi and Jim Breuer Paid By “Coffee” Co.

Eight O’Clock coffee hires professional competitive eating champion Kobayashi and washed up nobody of a stand-up comic Jim Breuer. Eight O’Clock takes them to their cupping lab, where they don’t actually cup coffee, but taste brewed coffee. Jim Breuer and Kobayashi play along, for money. Jim looks like he doesn’t know why he was hired or paired up with Kobayashi. Kobayashi is there to drink a lot of coffee. The whole thing is just awful.

Then some yutz from Huffington Post gets paid $25 to post it, having been tipped off by the PR firm responsible for this abomination in the first place. Because that, friends, is the current state of American journalism.


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