Joyus Groks Tonx: Nick Griffith Aeropresses, Impre...

Joyus Groks Tonx: Nick Griffith Aeropresses, Impresses

In the above video, former Intelli hunk (now hunk) Nick Griffith imparts some Aeropressing wisdom to Emily Olson of

Unfamiliar with Joyus, and sort of indefinably creeped out by their brand name? We were too! BoingBoing contributor David Pescovitz says: “Joyus is an online retail start-up where the stories of the products (from a mix of smaller indie makers and larger brands) are told through videos. My wife Kelly Sparks is fashion director there. They focus on four categories — fashion, beauty, home, and food.”

BoingBoing commenter Katrina van Malksvig calls Joyusa hipster version of QVC!” Which is what has been missing from your life, obviously.

Yuks aside, the coffees from we’ve been privy to continue to be stellar, and their website is among the very best in the business. Go there now!


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