It Takes Two (Cool New Websites)

There’s nothing we like better than a spruced up website, so here’s three from the last few days or so.

First off! Do yourself a favor and point that buzzy browser of yours over to the new-and-improved SCAA Chronicle Digital Edition, featuring exclusive content from some of the brightest minds in coffee. Highlights include Lily Kubota’s academic denouncement of Kopi Luwak, Peter Giuliano’s fresh air optimism, and Thompson Owen’s “Bump on the Butt”. Read them all right here!

Like The New Yorker, full versions of these features are only available to members, so maybe it’s time you joined the SCAA?


Now, how about this Intelligentsia re-design? It’s lush. Evocative. We’re in love. A clean and simple main page experience giving way to a whole world of knowledge within, offering everything the prospective Intelli buyer or coffee lover could ever want to know about The Wings. Top coffees are given top billing, with the main page dominated by Manantiales del Frontino and La Perla de Oaxaca, among others. The site itself is photo-forward, telegenic, visual; we’ve spent the last half-hour perusing and we’re still not satisfied. Check it out by clicking here.


  1. swagv

    20 November

    Under SCAA News:
    “October 17, 2011 · Member News · 0 Comments
    CNBC Documentary on Specialty Coffee Airs Thursday, September 29”

    I’m just sayin’…

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