Intelligentsia For The Bourgeoisie: Brand New iPho...

Intelligentsia For The Bourgeoisie: Brand New iPhone App Unites Workers of The World!

A glorious man-made victory has been won by the proletariat! Coffee Stakhanovites, grind workers of the world, you whose shots and rivets are the lifeblood of International Communism, now is the moment of your glorious achievement! A gift for iPhone from the Intelligentsia, designed for one and all, obliterating make-waste and collectivizing make haste. A marvelous application of human ingenuity to lead us fearlessly on our march towards the end of history! Aparatchiks, producers of the proletkult, Kolkhoz farmers, professional functionaries and kulaks alike, let Sprudge be your Pravda! Heed our call, and join us in extolling the merging of man and machine that IS the Intelligentsia iPhone App:

Features include:
-Coffee offerings list updated live from
-Filter coffees based on multiple factors
-Brewing directions for multiple brewing methods
-Brew timer with alerts
-Local alerts for brew timer (if you’re not in the app or on a different tab)
-Informational pages about Intelligentsia
-Consolidated twitter feeds for all Intelligentsia locations
-Maps, directions, hours and more about all Intelligentsia locations

Most beneficent of all, the Intelligetnsia iPhone App is free to the public. We suggest you download here, so as to avoid long, snowy hours spent waiting in the bread line.

Doug Zell, Circa 1995


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