Intelligentsia Gets Artisanal With Pastoral

Intelligentsia Gets Artisanal With Pastoral

Intelligentsia Chicago cafes just got an upgrade in deliciousness, Chicago Business writer Kate MacArthur reports:

Pastoral Artisan Cheese Bread & Wine is providing sandwiches, salads and plates of cheese and charcuterie to sell at Intelligentsia Coffee & Tea Inc.’s three Chicago coffee shops.

Pastoral is making and delivering the offering daily, with menu items changing every other day. Sandwich and salad prices start at $7.50, while plates that include meat, cheese, dried fruit or olives, and toasted breads cost $8. Items will vary by season. The service started Jan. 16.

“We consider Pastoral’s offerings as a perfect complement to our menu of direct trade coffees and teas,” Intelligentsia co-founder Doug Zell said in a statement.

Ooh, yum. The article goes on to (somewhat misguidedly) compare Intelligentsia to Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts, both having turned a tidy profit on expanded food offerings in recent years, but neither having anything on Canadian chicken-salad-and-crueller merchants Tim Horton’s in terms of overall swill-to-carbs ratio (STCR). We personally trust the taste-testing veritas of the Chicago Intelli crew, even if it means they were briefly forced to forgo more tacos at Big Star.


  1. Troll Commenter

    2 February

    more like, Pastoral gets lame with Papyrus (font). Haven’t actually read the article yet, but wanted to say that…

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