Intelli in Seattle? When Zell Freezes Over!

Intelli in Seattle? When Zell Freezes Over!

Seattle? Zell no!

Melissa Allison scored a coup with Kyle Glanville, Intelligentsia’s “Director of Innovation”, who spoke at liberty and denied any future plans for the Chicago industry titans to open up shop in Seattle.


“I think putting a coffee bar in Seattle would be like putting a coffee bar in Rome,” he said.

“Seattle coffee culture is very ingrained; it’s kind of like the paint is drying on Seattle coffee culture, and a lot of the players are already in place, and it kind of is what it is, whereas in a town like Los Angeles, when we came here [opening in 2007], there was nothing.”

We think it’s probably more like opening up a khat spot in Addis Ababa, or a mauby bar in Port-Of-Spain, but we get the point; Seattle is saturated with roasters, and Zell &Co. are staying out of it. Seattle residents can, however, get their Intelligentsia fix at Aster Coffee Lounge in Ballard, currently Seattle’s only Intelligentsia account.

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  1. AndyS

    28 July

    Gee, that pic of Doug Z looks somehow so…familiar. ;-)

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