I’m Chubbin’ It: McDonalds McCafe Makes for Fat Wallets, Asses

From deep within the hot summer bathing suit months, amidst a double-dip recession, CNN Money contributor Dan Mitchell reports on McDonald’s bewildering recent success with frappes and coffee drinks. Turns out drinks like the Frappe Caramel (680 calories, 94 carbs) and the Chocolate McCafe Shake (880 calories, 147 carbs) are helping to expand more than America’s waistband:

McDonald’s attributes July’s sales increase to the popularity of its new frappes (basically a coffee milkshake) and fruit smoothies. It’s been a hot summer, generally, around the world, the company noted in its earnings report. But it’s also been a summer filled with McDonald’s advertisements for the recently introduced cold drinks-which some observers had warned could be big losers.

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