HunkShot™: Gerard’s Coffee Break

Gerard Butler, who starred as the top seaman in 1997’s Bond thriller “Tomorrow Never Dies”, was recently seen in Santa Cruz sipping on a cup of coffee sans shirt! But did Gerard’s steamy mouthful originate from Verve, the Santa Cruz boutique roaster of note? Can you imagine? Truby, Baca and Butler: We wouldn’t kick that 3-way out of bed for eating crackers. From Celebuzz:

Gerard Butler took a coffee break and snapped some photos before returning to hit the waves on the set of ‘Of Men, Almos and Mavericks’ in Santa Cruz, California on October 14, 2011.

A note to our readers: is forever on a HunkShot™ Hunk Hunt. Send your hunky coffee-sipping swoonboats to, and we’ll be sure to print ’em (once we pick our jaws up off the ground). Hubba hubba!


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