Hoffmanna From Heaven: James Has Flavor

Hoffmanna From Heaven: James Has Flavor

Have we mentioned that it’s positively cromulent to have Hoffmann back on the blogs? His latest post is caps lock FASCINATING.

Speciality ((how uncomfortable I am with this term)) likes to use nouns. Solid, statement-of-fact nouns: This coffee tastes like blackberry.

Starbucks surprised me, not only by their consistent use of acidity which confuses me on a couple of different accounts, because they don’t use as many nouns. Lots more descriptive words, more adjectives and adverbs. Are they harder to argue or disagree with? Perhaps a more accessible way to describe coffee to their customers?

PS – Why is it “speciality” over there and “specialty” in North America?
PPS – I love that James uses the term “embiggens”. “A noble spirit embiggens the smallest man.”


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